GYPA Gets Results

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GYPA has a great understanding of the business world and a special way of communicating their understanding to those they work with, as well as being an inspiration to those around them. Their commitment and ability to assist companies has been beyond reproach.
12-year client

Insightful, Meaningful

GCI Outdoor

GYPA has the passion and intuition to deliver insightful, meaningful strategy based on their wide ranging experience. They have provided invaluable guidance for GCI Outdoor (Integrity Outdoor Brands), helping us to capture and articulate our company's vision to grow and become a major presence in the Outdoor Specialty market. They are creative, engaging and exciting to work with - I look forward to collaborating with GYPA again.
5-year client

Function More
Effectively Every
Ryan Associates

GYPA develops businesses into organizations that function more effectively every day, properly using every resource, anticipating and managing outside and inside forces so that profit is maximized for the long-term. This creates a smooth running business, less stress, controlled growth, increased profits, reduced liability, successful employees, successful ownership, unlimited growth potential, increased opportunities and constant improvement.
10-year client

The Organization Will Run Without You
Re/Max Realty

GYPA produces individuals within your organization (including yourself) who can dictate the management process without hesitation. It evolves a staff or company into a focused results oriented team. Through training, delegation, accountability, and evaluation the organization will run efficiently without you, leaving you to handle the tasks of greater importance.
3-year client

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GYPA's Insight was an Accurate and Dependable Touchstone
Soil & Environmental Consultants

I worked with GYPA as president of our 60-person environmental consulting company during growth periods and during the recent economic downturn. GYPA's assistance was extraordinarily valuable throughout as we applied business management methods and principles to all aspects of our efforts. GYPA's insight was an accurate and dependable touchstone for our daily applied management.
5-year client

Expect Change
J.E. Steele Inc.

Once you start down the GYPA path of success. You become more adept in foreseeing issues, managing them and becoming proactive instead of reactive as a business. Staff satisfaction and work environments become more professional, productive and efficient. Your entire organization will benefit greatly from having the opportunity to be well trained, professionally managed and compensated fairly. Obviously a well-run company of this magnitude also yields positive financial and personal rewards.Their expertise, care, dedication and enthusiasm to build our success,  not just for today but into the future, is surpassed by none.
9-year client

Positive Influence on Our Staff 
Aetna Health Plans

You know it works when you actually see the increase in productivity, leadership, teamwork and overall performance. Just as impressive was the positive impact and influence on our staff that did not attend even one of the GYPA programs or classes.  GYPA -- Giving Your Profit-Ability -- More Ways than One!
8-year client

Care, Dedication and Enthusiasm
Jeff Tate Paving, Inc.

GYPA has worked with our company for the past twelve years. Their expertise, care, dedication and enthusiasm to build our success, not just for today but into the future, are surpassed by none. The GYPA philosophy is not a treasure to be admired, but a message to be lived.  It is my earnest prayer that the GYPA management philosophy will be received with delight throughout the United States and shared freely.
12 year client
Transformative and Practical GYPA Got Us on Track
GYPA awakened me to more posibilities than I ever imagined for myself and my business. Using GYPA's concrete, practical strategies put our web development and video content business on track to expand and grow. GYPA's approach is simple and effective. Powerful lessons for life and work.
new client